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Why? Because everyone by nature desires to excel at his or her own longevity. As such, the Center for Conquest of Longevity draws expertise from various disciplines. Individuals with interests in healthy longevity may share their experiences through our platform. In particular, we encourage individuals with writing abilities to share their experiences with regards to their health, wellbeing, and longevity in the form of blogs/articles on our website. Each posted article fully acknowledges the author and his/her organization, website, and/or professional organization. If you are able to produce relevant articles that are not yet completed, we would be announcing and promoting their synopsis on our Facebook, and then upon completion, we will post them on our blog. As you can tell we are more interested in the educational aspects of life-coaching and longevity. In particular we encourage articles from college students and junior practitioners such as dietitians, physical trainers, and basic or clinical medical scientists. If we accept any article for publication, we will fit it into our platform and may even suggest graphics to enhance the quality of the selected articles.

Please note that you can always post short comments on every blog or article that we post. In particular, we encourage responses to the questions that we pose throughout our articles. These posts for most parts do not require our editorial supervision unless they use overtly offensive and provocative remarks.


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