The New Age of Common Cold

It used to be known as a common cold! For so many years it accounted for 15 to 20% of  all common colds! In late 2019 and through 2020 it got a once in a lifetime opportunity to terrorize the entire world by rebranding itself as COVID-19!

What will happen to it hereafter? Surely, it will continue to be out there! But as what? You will be surprised  to hear “… as the same old common cold agent who used to be around for so many years!”

Likewise to Corona, influenza used to be among common cold bugs for the past almost 73 years that I have been around! Have I gotten it once or a few times? You bet I must have! Did I get vaccinated against it? I don’t recall any vaccinations until I was officiated as a senior citizen! Was it mandatory for me to get it annually thereafter? No, it was only highly recommended to me! Have I done it every year since then? I’ve done it only once every few years or so! Why did I do what I did? Say it’s because of herd immunity or whatever you desire! How many people have done what I did? I would bet many! 

Have I been vaxxed against Covid-19? You bet I have! Why did I do it? Because I felt that the risk of not doing it amidst all uncertainties outweighs the contrary! Will I keep on doing it annually? Honestly, I’m not sure! I may most likely do whatever I have so far done with the inFLUenza vaxx! Do we need to have an ever-changing predictive polyvalent vaccine, likewise flu vaxx, to safeguard us against evolving variants of the Covid-19? Personally, and sadly, I feel that we may most likely need it!

 What percent of future common colds would be due to all brands of COVID–alpha, beta, delta, and whatever comes along hereafter? I strongly believe that 15 to 20% sounds about right! However, if you want a more educated answer from me, I think we should have patience and wait for another 5 years or so when the CDC publishes epidemiological stats on it! What is the only caveat in this for our future? We may most likely require two vaccines for our at-risk populations: the Covid and flu!


I don’t believe what I had to write almost two years ago! These days everyone is a corona expert! Back then, they used to blame it all on the flu!

Please check it out for yourself:

Dr. Eftekar (Dr. E) is the founder and head coach of the Center for Conquest of Longevity and Northwestern Medical Review. A unique attribute of Dr. E is his well-rounded academic background that, in addition to the science of medicine, extends over several other disciplines such as physiology of aging and longevity, philosophy of science and medicine, and integrated kinesiology.

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