Life in No Man’s Land: Exploring Unchartered Territories

Are We Living Up to Our Image?
Diplomas and Actions: Are We in Alignment?
Are We Content in Our Skins?
Longevity Mastery: The Essence of Leadership

Introduction to a Stripped World

If our world is abruptly stripped of documents and identity information, the entire global population grapples with an unprecedented reality. Who can navigate a world order where all manmade resources, university records, bank accounts, birth certificates, property ownership documents, medical histories, and more—vanish in an instant?

Thank God! It was just a dream… but wait a minute, what if it wasn’t?

What prompted all that?

Some attribute it to the fleeting effect of a shooting star. Others claim it was an artificial intelligence glitch, committing an act of espionage. However, for now, we don’t dwell on the cause; what matters is that if we, as the only living beings, place significant importance on man-made rules and possessions or not?

“Hey humans! I did it all, just because I can!”

Leadership and Wisdom in the New World Order

Who are the individuals most likely to act as leaders of the New World Order? I believe those who maintain physical youthfulness for an extended period often attain unmatched wisdom—a wisdom desired by the young and the majority of people. These individuals frequently choose not to lead larger groups but focus on guiding close circles, including grandchildren. Why the reluctance to take on more extensive leadership roles? Their aspirations lie in a more ambitious pursuit—excellence in their own longevity! Those in their proximity are astute enough to draw near, basking in the warmth of their kindness and wisdom that illuminates lives. Let me conclude this train of thought with a reflection inspired by the wisdom of Plato, echoing in my mind: a great ruler, for many, is a wise person who doesn’t seek leadership capacities.

Professional Excellence in the New World Order

Those genuinely passionate about their professions are likely to be sought after for the skills they possess. We should never underestimate people’s instincts, as they can discern those who truly excel in their respective fields. Meanwhile, individuals who did not embrace the essence of their licenses and diplomas will face challenges practicing what they used to in the new world order.

Opportunity for Redemption

What about those who never liked what they made of themselves in the last world order? They now have another chance, and if they can’t make it, all I can say is, ‘that’s life,’ and no one in a sound mind says, ‘it’s easy!’

Embrace this new opportunity with determination and resilience, for within it lies the potential for personal growth and transformation. Life, though not always easy, offers a canvas for redemption and self-discovery.

It is noteworthy to add that in the face of unprecedented changes, those who have previously demonstrated resilience and adaptability are poised to replicate their success, showcasing the ability to navigate the challenges of the transformed world with confidence and skill.


What can I say to those who had it easy in the past world order? You may have fallen short in your pursuit of longevity excellence, but no sweat – it was all truly a nightmare! If you’re clever, you might consider it akin to a Dickensian Christmas ghostly experience!

Dr. Eftekar (Dr. E) is the founder and head coach of the Center for Conquest of Longevity and Northwestern Medical Review. A unique attribute of Dr. E is his well-rounded academic background that, in addition to the science of medicine, extends over several other disciplines such as physiology of aging and longevity, philosophy of science and medicine, and integrated kinesiology.

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