Metformin: Pill Popping or Gym Hopping!

Should non-diabetics take Metformin for their  healthier longevity?

Tara:  Hello! Dr. E! Can you hear and see me? My internet connection hasn’t been very cooperative lately.

Dr. E: Hello Tara! I see and hear you clearly! Our Zoom connection is fine!

Tara:  Today is finally the day! I can’t wait to hear your verdict on Metformin! 

Dr. E:  What else do you remember about what I had to talk about today?

Tara: Oh, my goodness…it has been ringing in my ears all day long … “pill popping or gym hopping”!

Dr. E:  Bravo! You remember that punch line so well! I’m so happy to see you are following my longevity stories. I just hope to see more young doctors become so enthusiastic about their own longevity! Reduction of pain and suffering, promotion of a happy and productive life, and facilitation of disability free longevity is the major goals of medicine. If it’s up to me to define the ultimate purpose of medicine, I would say: promoting healthy longevity…period! Can you think of any higher purpose for medicine than what I just said? 

Tara: I don’t believe there’s any!

Dr. E: Before we go off much on and more tangents, I must confess that it took me a little longer than what I originally expected to make up my mind on the matter of Metformin! Honestly, I underestimated the wealth of recent knowledge that I had to master before making up my mind on it! 

“Taking Metformin supplements or not” has been one of my recent longevity-related dilemmas. Knowing myself, all along deep in my heart I have known that I want the best for my own longevity…and whatever I decide on will affect my way of life hereafter. So, I had to choose wisely, as rewards only come to those who make wise choices and faithfully follow them! Let me be clear and let me say it aloud: my goal is to excel at my own longevity! But when I say excellence in longevity, it just doesn’t mean getting healthily to a farther finish line! It means to get there as a better person who has truly excelled at his or her own humanity!  But how can I truly excel at my own humanity, if I do not wish upon others who tag along with me that which I truly wish for myself? Do you see the burden of moral pressure on me? I have to make such a wise choice, that firstly it convinces me to follow it full-heartedly for long, and secondly, I get morally content to share it with those who tag along with me through the passage for the conquest of longevity!

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Dr. Eftekar (Dr. E) is the founder and head coach of the Center for Conquest of Longevity and Northwestern Medical Review. A unique attribute of Dr. E is his well-rounded academic background that, in addition to the science of medicine, extends over several other disciplines such as physiology of aging and longevity, philosophy of science and medicine, and integrated kinesiology.

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