Longevity Lessons That I learned From My Swiss Army Knife!

Once upon a time, multi-tool Swiss Army pocketknives were indispensable travel companion of mine…until the ominous morning of September 11th in 2001 brought an abrupt end to my lifelong relationship with them! Thereafter, my traveling experiences were not the same as before since my essential travel companions could no longer accompany me.

Why did I love my Swiss knives so much? They were my compact multipurpose high-utility companions that allowed me to perform so many functions while traveling. You may wonder “how is this relevant to excellence at our own longevity?”. You may also be curious about the longevity lessons that I might have learned from my pocket Swiss knife teachers. To give you a quick synopsis, in this blog I will argue that well-roundedness is the key to excellence in longevity. I will make the case that a rewarding journey through life presumes versatility and multi-functionality.

Well-Roundedness: The Key to Excellence in Longevity! As I have been approaching my mid-seventies, I have progressively become convinced that well-roundedness is one of the most essential traits that would allow me to sustain healthier longevity for much longer! Why do I believe so? Because if life gives me a flood, I would be able to swim for longer! If it gives me heat and drought, I would  be able to sweat for longer! If it gives me famine, I would be able to fast for longer! If it gives me this or that extreme, I have the versatility of adapting faster to the circumstances. I am convinced that those of us who have excelled at our own longevity are the ones who must’ve mastered the art of surviving more fight or flight extremes throughout our lives!

You may say: this sounds too easy and appealing…where is the catch in all of it? I agree with you as there is, indeed, a catch in it! The catch is that this holds true only for as long as our world continues to reasonably resemble the world that we’ve experienced in the past! What’s worrisome is that an unpredictable and rapidly changing world defies all predictions and doesn’t appear conducive to excellence in longevity! I feel envious of those who unshakingly believe that any worldly hostilities we experience have already been written in the book of our humanity, and we bear no responsibilities for them! I have been told that envy is a vice that corrupts my soul. But am I allowed to be envious and mischievous for once or a few times in my adult life? Even if I settle on “yes” for selfish reasons, I must admit that I don’t feel comfortable with it, as it defies my commonsense and core beliefs! Before going any further, let me get it off my chest quickly and say it out loud: “healthy longevity presumes continuity and predictability of our world… period!” Unless…unless we’re willing to say, “life is all an illusion, and it is all like what we experience in a movie …a movie that the entirety of humanity and all earthly beings are experiencing alongside each other”. But what if it is morally prudent to keep our world the same as we inherited it, and pass it along to all future generations? For most of us it appears as if we would love to live the dream world that we’ve experienced during our childhood. That world was a well-protected dream world that was created for us by the hard works of our parents! The difference among us is that some of us get to the real world sooner, some later, and for some of us it may never materialize. Before I get too much off track, let me tell you what well-roundedness has to do with all this. Well-roundedness gives us more time to actualize our purpose in life and exit it only after excelling at our own humanity.

You may ask what can well-roundedness do for us if our world changes apocalyptically before we even get the chance to adapt to it? Well, in that case it would allow us to stay afloat just a little longer on top of the catastrophic changes that may potentially claim our lives and properties alike. On the other hand, if our world stays the same or continues to be like what it has been through most of our lives, then a healthier longevity becomes a blessing, as no rational person can profess that they have already realized their fullest potential. Of course, as you can tell, the blessing of having more time in this life translates to our betterment at our own humanity.

Apocalyptic disasters defy excellence in longevity!

Life is a constant struggle for making ourselves better. Is there a right time for us to depart from our world? I do strongly believe that time arrives when we truly retire and stop thriving! Ideally, at the point of our departure we must be truly content with what we have made of ourselves! To speak only for myself, I do feel that I have yet to do much to excel at my own humanity. For this reason, I firmly believe that versatility and well-roundedness is the key to my longer and healthier longevity. It is my greatest hope that my world is not shattered too fast to make my skills obsolete before the right time for my departure. 

Epilogue: My swiss army knife taught me that well-roundedness and versatility is the key to my healthier longevity for as long as my world doesn’t drastically change in my lifetime! What are the chances that my world will not turn around in my lifetime? Check it out for yourself: https://youtu.be/Gb6wQtNjblk

Catch you all healthily later!

Dr. Eftekar (Dr. E) is the founder and head coach of the Center for Conquest of Longevity and Northwestern Medical Review. A unique attribute of Dr. E is his well-rounded academic background that, in addition to the science of medicine, extends over several other disciplines such as physiology of aging and longevity, philosophy of science and medicine, and integrated kinesiology.

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