Longevity Excellence Unveiled: From Good to Better, Discovering the Essence of the Best! 

Navigating Life: From Good to the Apex
Decoding Longevity Excellence: Your Journey to the Best
Unveiling the Summit  of Excellence in Humanity

Quest of Excellence in Longevity

They say wherever there is good, one should expect better, but what about the best? In our life journey, there’s always room for improvement. However, thinking you’ve reached your best leaves you no choice but to decline thereafter!

Navigating Life’s Apex

Embarking on life’s journey, we realize that achieving the best is often the simplest yet most intricate task—departing as we arrived, with no baggage, and leaving only after realizing our fullest potential in humanity. Success in life transforms into a harmonious symphony when paired with the ability to be a provider, extending care not only to one’s close family but also to others. This serves as a vital thread, intricately weaving the fabric of success, fostering personal well-being while positively impacting the lives of those in our orbit. In the intricate dance of a good life, one discovers beauty, wisdom, lofty thoughts, elegance, integrity, courage, fairness, and honesty—qualities bestowed upon us by those who came before. Embracing these virtues becomes the cornerstone connecting the pursuit of a fulfilling life to the grand tapestry of success.

Challenge of Attaining Humanity’s Best

To illustrate the challenge of reaching our highest personal potential in humanity, all I can tell you is this: ‘Live like a king and leave like a monk!’ But why assert such a philosophy?’ If you claim exclusive ownership just because you created something, consider the rich history of individuals who, throughout time, have shared similar thoughts. The list is so vast that crediting everyone becomes impractical. Thus, after relishing your later adult life like a king, be prepared to depart like a monk!

Life as a king, Departing as a Monk

Never forget all those helping hands who came before you!

Enjoy the fruits of your labor, always remembering the sources – be it acquired knowledge or trades passed down from predecessors. In essence, you own nothing. Instead, take pride in amalgamating the thoughts and works of others to create something unique with your name on it and for you to make a decent living from it. Though challenging to credit all, isn’t it better to live graciously, embracing collective knowledge passed down to us?

Even if you hold patents, reflect on their origins. Do you truly think that you own it all? Alternatively, consider the empowering choice to share abundance rather than letting a select few exploit the contributions of many. No cheating! You can’t hide wealth alongside your grave like a Pharaoh! Leave behind every penny, allowing others to work hard and fairly become kings or queens  in their own turns.

Allegory of the Lion and the Lioness

In the realm of strength, a true king and queen, much like the lion and lioness, raise their cubs with the expectation of creating mighty heirs. Just as a lion king and a lioness queen ensure their cubs enjoy the privileges bestowed upon them by mighty parents, the journey for a human heir is akin to aspiring for royalty.

All the privileges and wisdom passed down to them pave the way for their own ascension to kingship or queenship. If a cub fails to claim their throne, well, as the saying goes, ‘tough luck, that’s life!’

The King, The Queen, and The Heir

Pinnacle of Humanity’s Ascent

Let’s delve a little deeper into this! If you believe you’ve reached the pinnacle of your humanity, behold! Wouldn’t you yearn for a longer life to become even better? After all, life is a perpetual process of becoming better than what we are! The moment we stop thriving, we will regress for the worse. This is something that no one in a sound mind wishes to attain when it comes to excellence in reaching the summit of their humanity. What are your thoughts on this?

The good news is that we’re all moving in the same direction in the Passage for Excelling at our Longevities, and we would love to have you tag along with us!


In life’s grand game of longevity, every participant should be granted a fair chance at a healthy existence. True success crowns those who enter justly, depart at their peak, and willingly surrender unearned gains through penalties. What we rightfully earn is a treasure, ours to shape and savor until we pass it on. Much like the noble and righteous kings and queens before us, who left the essential tools for our ascent, our exit echoes their humble entrance—bereft of extravagant belongings.

Inside Scoop!

Generations are required to shed the imprints of age’s impact on our languages. Coined the term ‘monk,’ then questioned, ‘which is better, monk or ascetic?’ Being a guy in his mid-70s, letting go of my initial choice was a challenge! I’m sure some of you relate; for others, maybe it doesn’t matter! By the same token, if you’ve noticed, I began my remarks with the allegory of a ‘king,’ but then I said to myself, ‘What have I done?’ I kept at least half of the world’s population out! Then, I added ‘the queen’ into the mix! Guess what! You just got the juicy inside scoop! 

Dr. Eftekar (Dr. E) is the founder and head coach of the Center for Conquest of Longevity and Northwestern Medical Review. A unique attribute of Dr. E is his well-rounded academic background that, in addition to the science of medicine, extends over several other disciplines such as physiology of aging and longevity, philosophy of science and medicine, and integrated kinesiology.

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