Longevity Coach Pack – Holistic Health Coaching

With our Longevity Coaching Program, you will dream of seeing yourself through the health-related challenges of your golden years … and we will help you to excel at them to your personal best!

Your Very Own Personal Coach

We will provide you with a life-seasoned, well-rounded, and dedicated longevity coach who will walk by your side as you tackle your longevity-related health and wellbeing challenges. S/he will be  virtually with you for as long as it takes to get you over your health-related issues, or up to the point that you feel comfortable to do the rest on your own.

Would you rather have a longevity health coach who is hardly in mid-fifties or a seasoned one who looks as if s/he is in fifties! If you say “yes” to the latter, we would love to be able to greet you by saying: “welcome aboard!”

Uniqueness of Our  Longevity Coaching Program

Ours is the only of its kind that is powered by forty years of medical board coaching experience! For so many years we supported medical students to excel at their American medical board examinations.  Our trainees, in turn, were granted the license to practice the art of medicine by preserving, promoting, and reinstating the health and longevity of so many of their own patients!   And now… via the passage for excellence in longevity we are poised to coach you through the wellbeing challenges of your golden years!

With our coaches on your side, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Your coach will stand by you and will give you motivation and strength at every step of the way as you navigate through your golden years. S/he will support you to identify and follow  the  most frugal paths  for achieving  your health goals. S/he will assist you in finding the right healthcare professionals for managing your primary, secondary and tertiary preventative health issues. S/he  helps you with understanding your  medical and health related jargon and translates them to a language that you fully appreciate. S/he facilitates your efforts in managing your conditions through physiotherapy, medication, diet, exercise, and whatever your attending physicians prescribe for you.

If your major issue is to overcome a chronic health problem, your coach will help you to optimally follow prescriptions of your healthcare providers.  In this capacity s/he acts as your dedicated translator and describes your prescriptions and scheduled procedures in a way that is clearly comprehensible for you. More importantly, s/he will  be by your side during all important medical decision-making points of your life. S/he helps you to understand different alternatives and pros and cons of each for you. S/he will set trajectories for your recovery course… ensuring that you will stay on the track in completing all your prescribed  health-related steps. With our conquest of longevity coaches on your side, tackling  complex health and longevity-related matters will become as easy as 1,2,3 for you!

Your Personal Longevity Health Advocate

Your coach is  your longevity health advocate.  S/he will  work with you to  improve the quality of your health and  life. S/he will help you to understand your age-related or non-age-related ailments, how they may impact your long-term longevity, and how you can  minimize their deleterious effects.   S/he will assist you on how  to properly monitor your health status and understand negative and positive symptoms that correlate with your disease prognosis and recovery. S/he will also help you to understand effectiveness  of your medications and therapies, as well as bringing the worrisome matters  to the attention of your healthcare providers.

The Head-Coach’s Pledge!

As we walk along our shared path, we will enjoy our journey as we learn more about our own conquest of longevity, and how we can walk along stronger, happier, healthier, and longer thereafter!

I pledge that upon teaming up, we will both look for the best of all holistic recipes that will make our lives happier and healthier for longer, while working on your most pressing health circumstances!

I don’t profess that I know it all but trust me when I say I know a thing or two about health sciences and the art of longevity. I can assure you of this though:  if I feel that I don’t know much about something related to your health, you will be the first who will  hear it from me. However, I will assure you that I will work relentlessly with you to find a  frugal and reasonable answer to the inquiry of ours!

I pledge that upon teaming up, we will both look for the best of all holistic recipes that will make our lives happier and healthier for longer!

I must confess to you that despite my utmost passion for the art and science of medicine, I love to live longer without much  need for medical interventions. I would rather excel at my own longevity by employing frugal health- and wellbeing-related lifestyle modifications. I pledge that I will do for you as I would full-heartedly do for myself and people whom I keep close to my heart!

I pledge that upon confronting vital intersections of your health paths, I will do my utmost efforts to ensure that we identify the healthier paths for you. Those would often be the most desirable options that you may like to discuss with your healthcare providers.

I like to assure you that we will have much fun along the way too… why? Because I trust that a life that is not examined ain’t worth living. Why? Because I believe our teamwork will mostly be about learning holistic healthy longevity concepts for making our lives better and  more meaningful by each passing day!

Finally, I pledge that I will work relentlessly with you to allow the best of you to flourish in you!

Dr. E

You can check all these as “done” after you get onboard with us!

✅ Understanding your medical lab findings,  test  results and what they mean for you!

✅ Understanding how your medications work and how your medical procedures are performed

✅ Motivation to confront your health demands and challenges!

✅ Learning  general health and wellbeing related issues of your golden years!

✅ Comprehending your medical and health related  concepts and conveying them to your healthcare providers!

✅ Understanding the positive value of holistic  health; physical and sport activities, nutrition, and spiritual wellbeing in your conquest of longevity. And when you understand them, we know that you will desire them in your bones! We will then work relentlessly next to you to convert them into your routine lifestyle habit!

Targeted Coaching

You may apply for our longevity CoachPack  at any time for 1-, 3-, 6-, 12-, 24- or up to 36-month. We do however honor requests on their merits, and first come, first serve basis.

We provide  longevity coaching  services in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive Longevity Coaching
  • Focal Longevity Health Coaching
  • Diabetes and Prediabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Stress Management
  • Nutrition
  • Obesity and Weight Management
  • Workout Motivation and Management
  • Turning Sedentary to Active Lifestyle
  • Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Abuse Management
  • Cataract Management
  • COPD Management
  • Chronic Sadness
  • Memory deficit
  • Rotator Cuff Injury
  • Chronic Lower Back and Neck Pain Management
  • Time and Activity Management
  • Sleep and Biorhythm Irregularities Management
  • Oral Lichen Planus Management