Conquest of Longevity

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After 5 years of planning, in September of 2021, Northwestern Medical Review has launched its new online and virtual program: The Center for Conquest of Longevity (CCOL).

The Center for Conquest of Longevity is chartered to facilitate excellence in longevity for the growing older-adult populations. The center is operated as a collaborative online multidisciplinary program that draws on the expertise of professionals from various health and wellness fields with one goal in mind: supporting their own healthy longevity while promoting that of others.

The public service arm of the center is intended to act as a bridge and common passage for everyone to share their stories while aiming to excel in their own longevities. The service arm of the center provides coaching support for healthy longevity, academic clerkships and in preparation for geriatric board exams and certificates.

... in a nutshell, we're all about doing better than what we've done so far for our own longevity! — Dr. E

What makes the Center for Conquest of Longevity stand out among other organizations? The CCOL is the first of its kind that is powered by almost 40 years of excellence in medical board preparation. Our company has already helped thousands of medical doctors excel in their board exams and in the practice of the art and science of medicine.

When is the best time for you to step into the passage for excellence for your own longevity? The ideal time would have been yesterday, but today is your next best chance!

Our Mission

Conquest of Longevity (COL) is a comprehensive online educational service provider for addressing the increasing demand for living healthily beyond 90. The mission of COL is to facilitate pursuit of longer, healthier, and happier life for our clienteles. Our philosophy is in tune with tenets of osteopathic medicine, and we utilize holistic physical, mental, and spiritual fitness in our pursuit for delivering our services.

Your Passage For Excellence in Longevity!