Conquest of Longevity

Your Passage for Excellence in Longevity

New Online Program of Northwestern Medical Review

After almost 5 years of planning, Northwestern Medical Review is getting ready to launch its new online and virtual program: The Center for Conquest of Longevity.

The Center is expected to begin operation in January of 2022. Under the management and executive control of Northwestern Medical Review, it will be operated as a collaborative online multidisciplinary program that draws on the expertise of professionals from various fields with one goal in mind: supporting their own healthy longevity while promoting that of others.

The service arm of the program will provide coaching supportĀ  for academic clerkships and in preparation for upcoming geriatric board exams and certificates. The forum and public service arm of the program analogically is intended to act as a Camino and common passage for everyone to share their stories while trying to excel at their own longevities. During our journey we will have so many stories to share while having an eye on our own conquest of longevity.

Our Mission

Conquest of Longevity (COL) is a comprehensive online educational service provider for addressing the increasing demand for living healthily beyond 90. The mission of COL is to facilitate pursuit of longer, healthier, and happier life for our clienteles. Our philosophy is in tune with tenets of osteopathic medicine, and we utilize holistic physical, mental, and spiritual fitness in our pursuit for delivering our services.

Please visit us occasionally as we are finalizing the details of your passage for excellence in longevity!